Skirtingboards Maintenance

Just like a table or any piece of furniture made of wood, MDF skirtingboards require maintenance. You will want them to look good especially after some time, prevention is better than having to pay for a fix.

People do not pay attention to MDF skirtingboards since they are not on eye-level and they do not understand their function. Your house is your temple, learning how to keep everything in shape will save you money but also give you the skills necessary to face any eventuality.


Wood surfaces attract dust constantly and if you let it accumulate then your furniture will suffer. Stay on top of it by creating a schedule to dust around, it may seem like a lot of work considering that skirtingboards are on every room of your house but by doing it you prevent permanent damages.

Use a cloth to dust first, then you can vacuum. Water and soap work perfectly on wood and plastic.

Fighting Stains

If you fail to dust your skirtingboards you risk permanent stains, they do not look good and are hard to ignore. Stains can also be the result of pushing furniture against a wall or other kind of similar accidents. If soap is not enough to remove the stain, then consider a mix of water and vinegar, it will make it easier to remove.


Wood is a delicate material if you do not protect it properly then it will get ruined in no time. It is especially susceptible to stains caused by humidity, anticipation will save you a lot of work in the future. Apply varnish to your skirtingboards and make sure that your walls are in good shape. Remove the skirtingboards if you detect an issue with the pipes on your walls before they get damaged, fix the problem and reinstall them.